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Our athletics program, Columbus ICE, inspires children to excellence by promoting health, education, positive attitude, recreation, and team work and facilitates the development and delivery of a desirable environment for young boys and girls.  Columbus ICE is committed to teaching basic fundamentals of sports, effective strategies, and core values to ensure success during competitive play. Our goal is to emphasize the value of discipline and team play while providing a fun and safe activity for young boys and girls.  All athletes shall be guided by the principle that exceptional athletic skill and winning is the outcome of hard work, conditioning, and commitment.

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2021 marked the 10th season of Columbus ICE football and it was nothing short of phenomenal.  We experienced record number participation for all programs which included adding flag football to our repertoire. Our teams had such high participation that we embarked upon single age group teams for the very first time (6u, 7u, 8u, 10u, 11u, 12u ,14u).  It worked out amazing and more children were able to receive development and one on one attention from our enhanced coaching staff.  After a dominating season, Columbus ICE earned 5 city championships for the 6u, 7u, 8u, 11u and 14u squads respectively.  That was 5 out of our 7 teams that earned City champions.  At the state playoffs, our 6u, 7u & 14u teams earned state championships and advanced to regionals.  Traveling out of state for a regional competition was a first for the Columbus ICE organization and many of the athletes.  It was such an honor and pleasure to share that first experience for the ICE family.   At Regionals, the 14u team lost a tough battle in the last few seconds, while 6u & 7u teams both advanced to the national American Youth Football League national championship in Orlando, Florida and WON!!

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2021 prompted a need to offer flag football due to the high volume of athletes under the age of 6.  Flag football gives young athletes a game time experience without contact or equipment. Another huge benefit is the opportunity to learn the fundamentals.  The basic fundamentals taught in flag football directly transfer to tackle, including catching, throwing, formations, routes, and defensive skills. 

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2021 was a phenomenal season all-around and for all of our programs.    We experienced record number participation for our Lady ICE with almost 100 participants for cheer and our premier year of offering dance teams to our repertoire. The start of a new season showed ICE leading the way with earning our very first spirit stick at the season opening showcase!  


Every year, we strive to build a core group of young girls who are STRONG, FOCUSED and PROUD.  We instill DISCIPLINE, PASSION and DEDICATION in every girl.  ICE cheer and dance will continue to represent themselves with excellence!


We work as a community to help all girls succeed.  Several forms of fundraising are in place to make the cheer packet affordable and allow all girls to appear unified in purpose and in dress.  We have a limited number of scholarships available. Contact us for more details. (614) 233-1423.

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A new year brings about new ideas and building blocks to our montra of inspiring children to excellence. Spring of 2022, we will launch Columbus ICE Track.  The idea of taking speed and agility training to an even higher level is the goal this season. Special thanks to a newly formed partnership with XFactor Track Club, athletes will develop and enhance their skills in sprints, long distance runs, hurdles, long jump, softball throws, strength and agility. Guest motivational speakers will be available to share success stories, tips and advice for athletes to store away in their minds for when they need a boost in motivation. This program will challenge their physical bodies, but also strengthen their minds to be more confident and courageous with all of life’s challenges. Children must be between the ages of 4-14 to be eligible to participate.  

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